Have you ever thought about starting a career in real estate? I can personally tell you that it is a fulfilling and enjoyable profession. After finding myself dissatisfied with my teaching position and stuck in an income bracket that wouldn’t support my growing family, I finally made the jump into full time real estate. It was scary to leave a world of regular paychecks and employer sponsored insurance plans but I’m glad I did. The freedom is exhilarating. If you’re a hardworking, energetic, and people-oriented person I’d love to sit down and share my experience with you.

At Exit Realty Central we have a sponsor program for incoming agents and have an excellent program to get you started. If you’re a seasoned agent we’d love to have you join us too. Exit Realty Central agents are consistently in the top percentage of agents at local, state and national levels. Our brokerage has competitive commission splits, volume driven incentives and offers training and classes far and above the competition. Not only that, but we’re a lot of fun too!

As your sponsor into our office, I pride myself on offering detailed and personal coaching for your first few contracts. Navigating those early deals can be daunting and I’m here to help you be successful. After that, I’m always available to answer questions you may have and assist you in any way I can – the teacher in me wants to see everyone not only be successful but to EXCEED their expectations. Together we can do just that.